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Game Room is a project started in spring 2020. The room was designed by a professional, listening to the wishes of the first stream group. The room also has a lot of related stuff, such as a Darth Vader mask, a lightsaber, a creeper, etc. There are beanbag chairs and sofas in the room for watching a friend's game or just lounging around. And the most important, of course, is the "power mill", i.e. a computer on which games run without problems.

The handprint of some students can be seen in the room, even though it is designed by professionals, because the computer configuration is completely designed and assembled by the students. In addition, Eddspeaks has made a video with material about the assembly process, benchmarks and Game Room in general. In her video, Eetu opens up the idea of the room.

Book your gaming time to our wonderful Game Room

You can make a reservation by sending a message via the school's email address to 

Students can reserve the Game Room for 2 hours at a time between 14:00 and 16:00. Please read the Game Room rules before making a reservation.

Staff can reserve the Game Room between 8:00 and 16:00 via info.

Over 100 hours of entertainment!

We've organized more than 100 hours of Twitch challenges for four years in a row! Haasteita nähtävissä meidän Twitch-kanavalla!

In the challenge, 5 of our students play computer games of their choice and make other online content. There will be game entertainment, interesting guests from the public, speed and dangerous situations.

A Game Room has been built into BC's premises, which is decorated as a real game room. In addition to the computer of every dream, the room has the appropriate gaming stuff; e.g. game figures, boards related to games, etc. Kurkkaa tästä, miltä Game Room näyttääThe room will be available for booking by all our students. Katso Eeddspeaksin video huoneesta!